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ROAD Meets AERO: Rudy Project Boost 01 Helmet Fully Stocked in North America

ROAD Meets AERO: Rudy Project Boost 01 Helmet Fully Stocked in North America

Rudy Project, winner of the #1 Most Worn Helmet at the IRONMAN® World Championship for six consecutive years, released news today that the long awaited Boost 01 is available and in stock in all colors. As Rudy Project’s first-ever road aero helmet, the Boost 01 incorporates iconic Rudy Project technological advances to reduce aero drag by 12% compared to traditional road helmets.

“The Boost 01 is a true aerodynamic and aesthetic marvel,” said Paul Craig, President and Co-Founder of Rudy Project North America. “We are grateful that our athletes and fans held out for this one, because it was absolutely worth the wait. This helmet takes all the comfort and extreme ventilation of our road helmets, and packs them into a beautiful, aerodynamic, time trial design we are renowned for. It’s the best of both worlds, and it’s unquestionably a game changer.”


The Boost 01 ensures maximized protection and enhanced aerodynamics compared to a traditional road helmet. The removable optical shield connects with a magnetic flip-up system, allowing athletes to put the helmet on with ease, all while cutting fog and maximizing cooling during long rides. Building on Rudy Project RP-Optics advanced polycarbonate technology, the visor (available in Smoke, Transparent, and eye-popping Multilaser Orange) also features cutting-edge coatings for superior optical protection against harmful UV rays, eliminating annoying glare and reducing eye fatigue.


With 10 vents, the Boost 01 features some of best helmet ventilation on the market. New internal air channels and top vent help  guide and accelerate the air flow out of the rear of the helmet, which aids in heat transfer from the rider’s scalp, one of the major cooling zones of the human body. With a nod to Rudy Project’s “Technically Cool” Wingspan and Wing57 aero helmets, the Boost 01 comes with two front vent covers to help further manage the air flow inside on the helmet. Depending on the climate conditions, riders are able to control ventilation as well as their aerodynamic efficiency.                                 


The frontal padding in the Boost 01 is crafted with Rudy Project’s innovative Dry Foam and X-Static antibacterial fabric, ideal for hot and sweaty conditions. The padding was designed to minimize the heat in the helmet, as the Dry Foam does not absorb sweat and the X-Static easily transpires and dries. This minimizes unpleasant smells and ensures the highest level of performance during training and racing.


A Universal Dorsal Ridge helps to convert sideways force into a forward force. Thanks to a new lower and more forward profile, the Boost 01 is extremely versatile in relation to the ever changing wind direction, while almost eliminating the uncomfortable directional torque effect on the rider’s neck.


DYNAMIC PRESSURE POINTUsing parts of Rudy Project’s patented Vortex Killer System, the Boost 01 features new high radius lower edges along the bottom of the helmet. This links to the rear section, which has new side scoops with specific NACA[1] duct shaping. The air is pulled around rider’s neck and off the shoulders for improved aerodynamics.

MIMINIZED TORQUE – The directional torque is the natural reaction of a wing shape to self-align with the outside wind forces, which is the main cause of discomfort on rider’s neck, especially over long distance races. The Boost 01 offers more than a 12% aero drag reduction compared to a traditional road helmet, along with a 65% reduction in neck torque.

ADDITIONAL FEATURES – Maximized comfort and customized fit are achieved with the Free Pad interchangeable comfort padding and the brand new R.S.R. 9 Disc Retention System. The Fastex System Closure Buckle and new Pro Divider Side Buckles ensure additional security, while the unique Eyewear Dock is the perfect place to rest sunglasses for those who opt out of using a shield.opticaldockThe new Boost 01 is a true aerodynamic beauty, boasting a powerful and functional design, perfect for cyclists and triathletes alike. It is available in Titanium Matte, Black Stealth Matte, Pink Fluo-Black, White-Red Fluo, White-Graphite Matte, Black-White Matte, and Yellow Fluo-Black, is covered by Rudy Project’s 3 Year Helmet Warranty, and even comes with a custom microfiber soft case. This melding of revolutionary and tested technologies combined to create an exceptional and practical dynamic sculpture, unmistakably Rudy Project.

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