New in Eyewear

Featuring the new quick change lens system,  the full-coverage frame offers high-wrap protection and a wide field of vision.

New in Helmets

We drew from years of experience of protecting some of the most extreme endurance athletes on the planet to build a mountain bike helmet that fit and vented as well as our iconic road and TT helmets. Ideal for enduro and cross country shredders, the edgy, compact  geometry is designed for those who demand the highest level of protection and delivers the perfect balance of weight-saving fit, style and ventilation for technical rides.

Rudy Project was with me every step of the way. I would never get on a bike without one of their helmets, and the sunglasses are the best quality I've ever competed in. Everything they make is adjustable, light, and comfortable; perfect for endurance athletes. They're an amazing company, and I'm proud to have them as a partner.

A helmet is not decorative. It serves a purpose. The most valuable purpose - protecting life. My Rudy Project helmet saved my life. For me there's no greater accolade or review. So thank you Rudy Project. And thanks for sending me a new life saver

I am currently loving the Astroloop casuals, but I might have to say the Tralyx are my hands-down fave since those are the ones I do all of my training and racing in. Unless I don’t feel like putting in my contacts, then I love my prescription Spinhawks!!!

Trusted and Approved

Why our customers love us!


Founded in 1985, Rudy Project was established with the aim of improving athlete performances all over the world through the constant investment and development of new materials and technologies for sunglasses, helmets, and other high-quality performance sporting gear. 30 years later, Rudy Project has prevailed as a 'David' in a world dominated by 'Goliaths,' staying true to their Italian-based family roots and never selling out to the mass market giants.