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Mapping a Course for Growth with Sports Performance Eyewear

Mapping a Course for Growth with Sports Performance Eyewear

Want to be a sunglass master and make the most difficult prescriptions work? The Rudy Project CE course will explain the science behind how colors work, their effects and the what, when and why to recommend as well as the science behind polarization.

Rudy Project and Jobson 20/20 Provide CE Course

There has never been a better time to expand your practice into the sports performance eyewear market. Many weekend road warriors have discovered the health and happiness benefits of running, biking, skating, hiking, skiing, rowing, golfing, and more. 

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The course will be available until August 31, 2021.

Upon completion of this course you should understand:

  1. Learn of an untapped opportunity to grow the optical retail sales through specializing in sports performance eyewear and catering to the visual needs of athletes
  2. Determine the best lens material for prescription sports eyewear
  3. Understand all frame, lens and fit parameters and their influence on visual performance and color discrimination with sports eyewear
  4. Know how to guide the sports enthusiast to the best lens and frame for comfort and visual performance

"I highly recommend this course. It will provide you with the knowledge to build a successful sport eyewear practice with Rudy Project."

Bernard Seifer
Rx Fulfillment Manager

Complete the course and save 25% off your next Rudy Project Rx job

Completion of the CE course before 8/31/21 qualifies you for a 25% discount on your next Rx job with Rudy Project. Mention this when placing your order and our representative will assist you.

Whatever the sport, optimal vision, and protection for the athlete's eyes are paramount. And, like other gear, the athlete looks for performance-enhancing high-tech features that will elevate their performance.

Rudy Project has over 35 years of designing sports eyewear. It takes an athlete to understand the needs of athletes, and at Rudy Project, the culture is sports from the owners to the sales team. Perhaps this explains the ergonomic, aerodynamic, hi-tech solutions that RP has designed for athletes, including a long list of super cool Rx solutions. They get the sports fashion and function aspect of eyewear to complete the athlete's gear.

When you cultivate the sports enthusiast by becoming expert in performance-enhancing eyewear, you cultivate a customer for life, and, as the word spreads, you build a loyal following. You will see the sports eyewear category grows exponentially.

In this course, you will learn how Rudy Project makes it easy for the ECP to enter the Rx sports eyewear market with their Rx program. We all know that consumers buy things that evoke emotion. Colorful high tech frame solutions with quick-change interchangeable lenses, and the many comforts and ventilation features of RP sports eyewear are sure to tickle the psyche of the athlete consumer in your practice.

In this course, you will learn about sports performance eyewear with color-enhancing, glare eliminating, digitally optimized lens manufacturing tech that expands Rx range and field of view, even in 8-base sports frames. You will be introduced to some of the innovations in sports performance eyewear that Rudy Project has developed in response to the very specific visual, comfort, and convenience requirements of the athlete.

View The CE Course

The course will be available until August 31, 2021.

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