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Rudy Project North America Releases Breakthrough New Road Helmet: The RACEMASTER

Rudy Project North America Releases Breakthrough New Road Helmet: The RACEMASTER

Built for extreme performance and unparalleled protection, the Racemaster is Rudy Project’s latest cycling helmet creation with an aggressive design. Featuring cutting-edge safety tech, such as Hexocrush and MIPS®, along with reflective straps and integrated safety reflectors, the Racemaster sets a new bar in helmet protection.

The Racemaster’s internal construction is enhanced with Rudy Project’s exclusive new Hexocrush structure. Originally inspired by conehead technology and developed be extremely lightweight, the inner protective liner is molded with two different foam densities in a hexagon shaped structure to provide improved shock absorption by dissipating impact forces sideways and radially. This innovative Hexocrush reduces the g-force pressure on the head in case of falls or impacts, providing performance-oriented protection for any athlete.Rudy-Project-Racemaster-black

“The Racemaster is making its debut on the World Tour stage with Team Bahrain-Merida,” said Paul Craig, Co-Founder and President of Rudy Project North America. “It’s stunning-looking helmet, with a fit that’s comparable to our popular Sterling. It’s lighter, faster, sleeker, and is an ideal road helmet that’s an absolute show-stopper.”

The Racemaster will also be available with MIPS® (Multi-directional Impact Protection System), which is a low friction layer that mimics cerebrospinal fluid, and acts between the head and the helmet to provide added protection during angled impacts.

racemaster - all angles

An easily customizable fit is ensured with the precision RSR 9 Retention System and Divider Pro side buckles, allowing for complete adjustment that’s earbud friendly. Reflective straps improve rider visibility, and a uniquely designed helmet tail reduces vortex formation, thus reducing overall drag and neck strain. A brand new ‘Garage Eyewear Dock’ provides an innovative system to hold sunglasses at the back of the helmet, and prevents contact between the sunglasses’ temple arms and the user’s head. Dividers in the back of the helmet keep sunglasses securely in place, while the rigid tail frame prevents bouncing. The matching removable visor comes standard, allowing for a personalized setup for maximum comfort and style.


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