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Elevate Your Performance!  Volume#2 ImpactX

Elevate Your Performance! Volume#2 ImpactX


ImpactX lenses are made by photochromic particles which provide unique climatic management technology. Getting dark from low to high light transmission within few seconds and tailored to reach a custom color from an initial clear state, ImpactX® lenses are available in 4 different colors and with the Laser mirrored coating ( Black and Laser Black, Red and Laser Red, Laser Brown, Laser Purple). ImpactX® lenses enhance contrast , even in darker conditions, they will improve visual acuity and depth perception while providing unparalleled eye protection. Unlike most photochromic standard lenses, ImpactX® lenses are fused in the mass of the polymer itself with a complex manufacturing process, making it more resistant and clearly optically superior to most competitors.


ImpactX is Rudy Project's proprietary Trivex formulation. It was originally developed for the Military and Aerospace, with safety, durability and comfort in mind. In addition to being the strongest, most durable and lightest material, ImpactX also provides optimal vision. With an Abbe value of 45, only Cr39 and Glass rate higher. ImpactX has an Index of refraction of 1.53, which puts it into a "mid index" category, so it's thinner and lighter than CR-39.


ImpactX encompasses all of the best qualities in one lens:



Optimal vision - Highest Abbe value (45) of any mid/high index

Superior comfort - Lightest material - 8% lighter than poly, 16% lighter than CR-39 and 19% lighter than Hi index

1.53 Index of refraction

Safety and durability - Most impact resistant material available



With all those qualities, it's no wonder why Rudy Project selected ImpactX as the  material for our unique Photochromic lenses.


Revolutionary Technology

ImpactX combines the best in class optics with the most impact resistant material, and Rudy Project's revolutionary photochromic technology. Making ImpactX the most durable photochromic lens available. You don't have to worry about cracking, crazing or oxidization. ImpactX lenses will stand the test of time. On top of that, ImpactX unique colors are designed to enhance vision and to adapt to all weather, lighting conditions and environments. 

 Photochromic Black

  • True Blue/Black color
    • Light Transmission 9% to 74%
  • Laser comes with Silver Flash Mirror and Backside AR
    • Light Transmission 13% to 62%
  • Best for brightest days
  • Keeps objects true to natural colors
  • Great for running, cycling and everyday use

Photochromic Red

  • Unique Red color
    • Light Transmission 17% to 76%
  • Laser comes with Flash Blue Mirror and Backside AR
    • Light Transmission 16% to 75%
  • Versatile enough for all day wear
  • Best for low light conditions
    • Early mornings and early evenings
  • Adds contrast and saturation
  • Great for shooting

Photochromic Laser Brown

  • Classic Brown
  • Comes with Flash Gold Mirror and Backside AR
    • Light Transmission 17% to 73%
  • Best for contrast
  • Great for wooded areas, mountains, hiking

Photochromic Laser Purple

  • Lightly shaded Purple in non-activated state
  • Comes with Flash Blue Mirror and Backside AR
    •  Light Transmission 8% to 48%
  • Best for versatility and Grass activities
  • Adds contrast while keeping objects true to color
  • Enhances contrast and creates 3d effect between balls and grass


Now that you know all about ImpactX, it's clear to see why it's the best photochromic lens. If you have any questions or would like to learn more, please feel free to reach out at 949-272-2441 or to schedule a call.

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