The Wing

The Wing

The Wing

We anticipate The Wing to land in early 2020. Use the "Notify Me" feature to be alerted when they're in stock.

The Wing Aero helmet comes with a removable, magnetic laser coated shield and vent cover.


After intense wind tunnel, computational fluid dynamics (CFD) and engineering research with renown aerodynamic company Swiss Side, mastered with triathlon and road cycling champions, we developed a truly advanced helmet optimized for multiple rider positions without compromising performance. Thanks to its revolutionary geometry profile combined with its safe ultralight In-Mold construction removable tail extension, the Wing will ensure the best comfort and performance for road cycling time-trial, short and long distance triathlon challenges.


The massive rear and front exhaust ports ensure a constant airflow inside the helmet. The scientific combination of helmet geometry and air ports accelerate the internal ventilation to cool riders head while enhancing the sweat evaporation process.


Thanks to the all-new Easy in- Easy out magnetic removable vent cover you can easily manage the helmet internal airflow choosing either from a fully open or closed configuration according to your performance needs.


To maximize eyes comfort, The Wing features an all new removable magnetic visor. Easy to mount and dockable, the visor boasts and ultra peripheral lens with enhanced deep horizon vision. Building on RP Optics advanced lens technology, the polycarbonate visor ensure protection against UVA and UVB rays and minimize eyestrain allowing athletes to stay focused on their performance only.

Size & Weight

Small/Medium - 55-58cm / 21.7"-22.8"
320g / 11.3oz Without Visor & Vent Covers
350g / 12.3oz With Visor & Vent Covers

Large - 59-61cm / 23.2"-24"
360g / 12.7oz Without Visor & Vent Covers
390g / 13.7oz With Visor & Vent Covers

  • CPSC 12.03 Safety Certification
  • Fastex Buckle Closure System
  • Removable Magnetic Optical Shield
  • Removable Vent Covers
  • Adjustable RSR10M Retention System Comfort Fit
  • Interchangeable Comfort Padding