• As one of the newest additions to Rudy Project's cycling helmet collection, the Rush helmet is sure to give you the most bang for your buck. This helmet features high coverage internal padding made of a new anti-perspiration fabric for superior comfort and fit, plus 21 vents for maximum air flow. Not only are one handed adjustments easy with the RSR 7 disc retention system, but the sun doesn't stand a chance with the optional light and removable visor. The Rush helmet is available in White Silver Shiny, Black White Shiny, and is also available in youth sizes.


    S-M - HL 57 00 02 US | 130
    L - HL 57 00 02 US | 130

    Weight -     Youth: 8.1 Ounces 230 Grams
                       S/M: 8.4 Ounces 260 Grams
                        L: 9.1 Ounces 290 Grams

    Size - S/M: 6 3/4 - 7 1/4
                   L: 7 3/8 - 7 3/4

    Retention: RSR8 DISC

    Certification: CE 89/686 EEC
                           EN 1078
                           CPSC 12.03
                           AS/NZS 2063

  • White-Silver Shiny 
    S-M | HL 57 00 02 US  | 150 MSRP 
    L      | HL 57 00 03 US  | 150 MSRP 

    White-Silver Shiny YOUTH
    Youth | HL 57 00 01 US  | 150 MSRP 

  • Fastex Buckle Closure System

    The Fastex™ system consists of a simple and quick snap-lock buckle for securing the throat strap which is ergonomically shaped and ensures perfect regulation and maximum stability.

    Removable & Adjustable Comfort Head Ring

    Rudy Project has created helmet systems that are adjustable on the nape of the neck. They can be adjusted to 3 positions in the case of Head Ring 3, and to 2 positions in the case of Head Ring 2. These mechanisms allow you to adapt the height of the retention system to your individual morphology and fit the helmet to your head securely.

    Adjustable RSR7 Retention System

    Accidental knocks when cycling can cause sudden movements of your helmet in every direction. Therefore it is essential that your helmet is totally secure to prevent it from detaching from your head and resulting in dangerous knocks. Rudy Project helmets have efficient, easy-to-adjust retention systems which can be adjusted using handy cursors offering you maximum comfort and total safety.

    Interchangeable Custom Padding

    All over the world, individuals of different races have different physical characteristics and personal morphology. Thorough analysis of the various different types of heads and helmet ergonomics has allowed Rudy Project to optimise the caps of its cycling and mountain bike helmets and so we are able to satisfy the fitting requirements of all individuals and ensure top-level comfort and stability.