• Matte Black
    Rx Program:Rx Program
    Product Colors:Matte Black
    Lens Colors:Clear
    Product Size:Medium Face, Large Face, Direct in Frame

    Weight - Ounces: 1.00  Grams 27.5
    Eye Size - DBL Temple   varies/18/136
    Base Curve 6e

    Interchangeable Lenses

    The system of interchangeable lenses called Quick Change is one of the basic technologies of our sport sunglasses. Every sunglass has different ways of fitting and removing the lenses. Quick Change technology enables you to easily and swiftly change out your lenses to manage any light condition. *Lens colors may vary depending on frame.

    Fully Adjustable Anti-Slip Temples

    Our sport models have 360 degree adjustable temple tips that can be easily and quickly adjusted by applying gentle pressure. Rudy Project employs no-slip components that do not fail in the heat of your activity. This unique technology ensures maximum comfort, a perfect fit during any use and eliminates fogging and pinching.

    Fully Adjustable Anti-Slip Nosepads

    Any good sport sunglass needs an adjustable nosepiece. This gives you the ability to fit the glasses to your exact nose bridge shape and width while keeping the glasses snug on your face during extreme activities. Rudy Project sport models employ one of several types of adjustable nosepiece systems that are both comfortable and sturdy. Made of either soft antiallergenic silicon or Megol®, they keep the glasses secure on your face and prevent them from sliding down your nose.

    Safety Hinges

    Safety Project is a unique Rudy Project feature that creates fold-in-hinge without any sharp edges. Designed to minimize injury in case of impact or falls.

    RP-D Centered Optics

    The optical axis is maintained parallel to the main axis of vision, permitting maximum utilization of lenses with an extensive curvature, while respecting the need of optical quality and visual clarity, and minimizing eye fatigue.

Frozen Ash
FP 34 00 87 | MSRP 200
FP 34 00 19 | MSRP 200 
Steel Velvet
FP 34 00 28 | MSRP 200
FR 18 00 02 H | MSRP 80
FR 18 00 02 D | MSRP 80
FR 18 00 02 B  | MSRP 80
FR 18 00 02 A | MSRP 80
FR 18 00 02 I | MSRP 80
FR 18 00 02 F | MSRP 80
FR 18 00 02 S  | MSRP 80
FR 18 00 02 G | MSRP 80
FR 18 00 02 C | MSRP 80
FR 18 00 02 E | MSRP 80